Thursday, August 20, 2015

Resto Druid Guide Part 3: Consumables and Stats

Blaugust Day 4


Restoration druid has a few best consumables to perform at our maximum.  Intellect and Mastery are what we are shooting for with our consumables.

The flask we need to be getting is the Greater Draenic Intellect Flask.

Our food of choice is Sleeper Sushi.  I'll explain why we go for mastery later.

The gems we should be using are the mastery gems, either a Greater Mastery Taladite or an Immaculate Mastery Taladite.

Lastly, the rune we want is the Focus Augment Rune.  You can also buy an Empowered Augment Rune.  Your wallet will thank you later.


Intellect > Spirit > Mastery

This is pretty much all that exists for druids.  No other stat is relevant, at least to me  If it doesn't have mastery and/or spirit, I don't want it.

Intellect increases our healing done, and increases our spellpower by a certain amount.

Mastery increases our healing power based on our ability Harmony which makes our HoTs and direct heals stronger.

Spirit is my best friend.  It increases how much mana you regenerate per second.  Some people prefer to have less mana, but I prefer to stack as much spirit as I can because I can be a bit reckless with my mana.  I really miss Innervate.

That's it for part 3, stay tuned for Part 4!

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