Thursday, October 15, 2015

Resto Druid Guide Part 4: Spells

Blaugust Day 5

In this particular section I will go over some spells that are specific for the restoration spec, and give tips on when and how to use them.

Force of Nature - If you chose this talent, then you have this spell.  I like to make sure I have a tree up at all times.  It's also useful to drop a couple during a phase where you have to do a lot of running, so there's some good healing still going out.  You can also drop all 3 to supplement healing cooldowns.

Genesis - This is a spell that's kind of difficult to make good use of.  I usually forget I have it, but it can come in handy once in a while.  During moderate damage or when you are moving, you can slap a Rejuv on someone then use this ability to heal them up quick.  If you blanket the raid in as many Rejuvs as you can and then hit Genesis, it can do a lot of healing.  But using Rejuv all the time can use up a lot of mana so time it wisely.

Healing Touch - This is our basic bread and butter spell.  It's what we spam when we're not doing anything.  Nature's Swiftness makes this spell an instant cast so I would recommend using that when it's off cooldown.

Ironbark - This is a defensive cooldown we can put on the tank.  You can put it on them at the start of a pull to make it smoother, or wait until the boss is about to do a strong attack to provide the tank with extra protection.

Lifebloom - This is a heal over time spell that you can have one one target at a time.  Normally I recommend using it on a tank.  If you're healing with another restoration druid, you should coordinate so you each have your Lifebloom on a different tank.  Make sure you keep your uptime on this as close to 100% as you can.

Nature's Cure - This is our basic dispel.

Nature's Vigil - Your healing buff, if you chose this talent.  I recommend keeping 100% uptime on this an using it on cooldown.  It is easiest if you macro it into something you use quite often, like Healing Touch.

Rebirth - Our battle resurrection.

Regrowth - Our quick OH SHIT heal.  It takes up quite a bit of mana but has a short cast time, so use it if your tank is about to die.  We will occasionally get Omen of Clarity procs to make it a mana-free cast so make sure you use them.

Rejuvenation - This is really what druids are known for as healers. This is our main heal over time spell.  You can blanket the raid in it, but that will burn mana quick, so I recommend keeping it rolling on the tanks and then sticking it on someone who is low on health but not in much danger of dying.

Swiftmend - You can use this on a target with one of our heal over time spells and it will instantly heal them for a small amount.  Good to save for an emergency since it's instant, but is also really good for instantly refreshing Harmony (which you should absolutely have up 100% of the time).

Tranquility - This is our major raid cooldown.  Use it when you can stand still for a few seconds because it's channeled.  This is also why you should start casting it a couple seconds before the damage goes out, if possible.  Save it for high damage phases.

Wild Growth - This is our area of effect heal.  It has a short cast time, and will put a heal over time effect on the 5 (or 6 if glyphed) most injured areas of your group.  It is usually a top 3 heal so make you use it on cooldown of more than a couple are injured.

Wild Mushroom - This is our ground area heal.  You place it on the ground under a group and it will heal them.  Make sure it is under a group of at least 3.  I usually find that it's best to put under melee.

That was Part 4, look for Part 5 coming soon.

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