Saturday, August 22, 2015

Resto Druid Guide Part 6: Gameplay

Blaugust Day 22

I saved this part for last for a reason.  It's important to have the right tools before you start a construction project, and resto druid is much the same.  Theory is important.  But now, let's get right into the nitty gritty - the part where you actually heal.

Firstly, make sure you're all buffed up and ready to go.  Make sure you have Lifebloom and Rejuvenation running on the tank, and your second Rejuvenation from Germination if you chose to take it.  You can put Ironbark on your tank if they're a bit squishy.  Right after the pull, put down your Wild Mushroom under a group of at least 3.  Usually the melee are all together so they're good to put it under.

Heal light to moderate group damage with Wild Growth.  Make sure you keep up your Harmony by casting a direct heal.  I like to use Swiftmend because it's instant.  It can also be a good oh shit heal.  To heal damage on a single target, use Healing Touch, or Regrowth if you need something quick.  Drop a tree from Force of Nature if you chose it every time a charge comes off cooldown so you always have one up.  If you have a high movement phase where you can't stand around to cast, you can drop all 3 trees.

For high damage phases, pop Tranquility, but make sure you have the time to stay still to channel it.  If you chose Tree, you can also pop that.  It empowers your spells and makes Regrowth instant, so I usually spam Regrowths on people.  Be aware that this really burns your mana.

If you are going to have to soak damage, make sure you put Barkskin on yourself.  Make SURE that you don't tunnel and forget to heal yourself.  You can't heal anyone if you're dead.  You can make creative use of Stampeding Roar to give people speed boosts at important times, like the runes on Kormrok.  If it becomes necessary you can cast Nature's Cure or Rebirth on an ally, though for Rebirth I would ask permission from the raid lead before doing so.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, comment or tweet me so I can address it.  I am not the end all be all of resto druids so if there's something I should add I'd be happy to do it.  Thank you for reading my guide.

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