Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Gems of YouTube

Blaugust Day 25

I am a big fan of YouTube.  I save up some videos in my watch later list and watch them on my PlayStation while I play games on my PC.  Here's a list of a few of my favorite YouTube channels.

1. SSSniperwolf
I like this lady.  She's super funny, plays video games, AND she's smart.  I skip most of her videos because it's stuff I'm not all that interested in but every once in a while she posts a gem, and I like her Ask Wolf videos.

2. BellularGaming
This guy does a lot of videos on World of Warcraft.  They're a lot of theory videos and news videos.  I enjoy his commentary and he seems very intelligent.  And look, he's just adorable.

3. TradeChat
Panser is like my girl crush.  She makes neat list videos, news videos, and she does videos with WoWhead.  She also has great hair.

4. Hazelnuttygames
Hazel makes good pet battle videos and adorable vlogs.

5. Qelric
I like watching Qelric's news, raid videos, and vlogs.  I just ignore the fact that she's a dirty Alliance.

6. Veroicone
Vero used to make WoW videos but not so much anymore.  Maybe when Legion comes out she'll pick it up again.  I like her other gaming videos, and her vlogs.

7. Melonie Mac
Melonie has such a bubbly and effervescent personality that it's hard not to be happy when you watch her videos.  I enjoy her gaming videos, and her vlogs.  She doesn't make so many videos anymore because she has other projects going on, and I'm very happy for her that her channel has opened so many doors.

8. albinwonderland
ALB makes a lot of cute videos.  I like her vlogs, and she makes videos that make you really think about things that are happening.  She's very thoughtful.

9. Aureylian
Aurey makes good gameplay vids and cute vlogs.  She's very bubbly and watching her makes me happy.

10. ciaoobelllaxo
This isn't a game channel.  This girl makes beauty videos.  I enjoy her video and her vlogs.  She has great style and I like seeing what she wears.

Obviously I prefer watching channels helmed by ladies.  Anyone recommend any good channels for me?

*All images lifted from Google. I don't own any of them.

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