Sunday, August 16, 2015

What I Had To Have

Blaugust Day 15

Speaking of mounts, it got me thinking about when I started my World of Warcraft mount journey.  I was a wee little blood elf, doing wee little blood elf things, when I saw it.  I saw a dragonhawk.  With someone riding it.  My first thought was 'Holy shit that's beautiful'.  I knew then that I needed to have one.

However many months later, I got my wish.  I got the Sunreaver Dragonhawk from the Argent Tournament.  I rode that thing proudly for such a long time.

I've had a few things like that, where I saw it and it just spoke to me.  Most of them were mounts, with a couple pets.

I saw hunters running around with this cool purple spider, Deth'tilac.  That was the next thing I knew I had to have.  Purple is my favorite color and it was beautiful and fiery and purple.  When my hunter got to level to do the Molten Front area, I first hunted down this girl and tamed her.

Speaking of purple, let's talk about the Corrupted Firehawk.  It's purple.  And on fire.  I saw it, and boom. It was saying, "You need me. You need me. Yes you do."  So I got it.

Nuramoc is a really gorgeous hunter pet from Netherstorm.  I saw someone with it and knew that I wanted it.  I went around spamming my scan macro and eventually nabbed this guy before someone killed him.

Blizzard leaked the Enchanted Fey Dragon mount wayyyy before it was released.  Or someone datamined it. Whichever.  I thought it was the most gorgeous thing.  It changes color and it has cool steampunk goggles.  It's a fairy.  It's a dragon.  It perfect.

My last item is a companion pet.  I saw these cute little fairies running around in places like Feralas while I was leveling as a baby belf.  I thought they were SO cute.  So I bought one.

Have you ever saw something you NEEDED to have?

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