Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Take My Little Turn On The Catwalk

a.k.a new models in Legion!

Druids are getting such cool forms for the feral and guardian artifact weapons.  I'm glad there's so much variety and difference so your druid can really feel like your own.

Blizzard did confirm they are removing the talent that turns you into a saberon.  I'm glad they clarified that because I was wondering how they would interact.  I kinda wish they kept it.

Wowhead also posted the variants for the balance and restoration druid artifacts.  I don't know if all these models are all the ones there are or if there are more.

The restoration artifact looks fine I guess.  The branch part does lend itself well for being a nature-based healer.  I kind of wish they had made tree form variations instead of weapons.  Imagine the possibilities for a tree!  I could be a healing Christmas tree.

There are also new models for rabbit pets and murlocs.  I have always disliked the boxy rabbit models.  They look like 8-bit rabbits.  The new rabbits also seem to have textured fur and they're soooo cute.

Also look. The bunny is purple.  IT'S FUCKING PURPLE.  There's a lot of other model updates.  Look here to see them.

Pics from Wowhead.

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