Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Restoration Druid Guide Part 5: Legendaries, Gear, and Your Artifact

I know you want me to give you a Best in Slot list.  There's so many options with different stats that knowing which gear is RIGHT is a huge pain in the butt, made no easier by all these differences because of random sockets and the forging system.  Unfortunately, I can't give you a BiS list.

In general, whatever has a higher item level is what you should be equipping.  The exceptions to this is in jewelry and trinkets, where certain stats and effects may make something pull ahead of items with a higher item level.  Generally, we tend to prefer trinkets with a large amount intellect instead of fancy effects that are less reliable.  The exception to this is obviously the legendary trinkets, Velen's Future Sight.  Your best in slot will also vary based on what content you do.  Obviously if you only raid and don't do mythic dungeons, mythic dungeon items will not be applicable to your BiS list.  My recommendation is to visit, and have it calculate your best in slot based on what content you actually do.  You can change it up as you wish and sub things in that you believe are better.  That's what I do to generate my list of desired gear.


We can only equip 2 legendaries currently, so which 2 do you can to have?  I will break down which ones are most desirable.  Generally right now in 7.2, the best ones are Velen's Future Sight and Aman'Thul's Wisdom because of how insanely they synergize with each other and with our tier 19 bonus.  It is expected for this to change when Tomb of Sargeras comes out and most are not longer using the tier 19 set bonus.

Velen's Future Sight - Currently arguably our most BiS trinket no matter what you're doing, this is a great little bit of gear.  It has really good stats even without the on-use ability, which will typically make up 5%-7% of our overall healing.  One of our problems as druids is that because we work primarily in heal over time spells, sometimes a HoT like Rejuvenation will heal someone to full but still tick, which is basically wasted.  The ability of this trinket will let us better redistribute the overhealing from our HoTs.  This would be great to use during a Tranquility, or after we pop Essence of G'Hanir paired with a Flourish for a strong burst heal that will do less overhealing.  If you are unsure when to use the ability, try pairing it with Essence of G'Hanir for the best results.

Aman'Thul's Wisdom - Also a very strong legendary and probably BiS.  It synergizes extremely well with the trinket and our set bonus, so having them together is amazing.  This item basically created more healing for less mana, and is especially useful for if you pre-cast Rejuvenations on players before the fight starts.  I do this, especially on tanks.

Tearstone of Elune - If you don't have one of the aforementioned, this little piece of jewelry will be amazing for you.  We use Wild Growth all the time, and with this ring you get free Rejuvenations which, of course, synergize with both the above legendaries as well as your set bonus AND our artifact ability AND our talent Flourish.  It also builds stacks of Harmony.  What's nice is that since Wild Growth is a smart heal and will automatically target the lowest-health players, the added Rejuvenation is less likely to result in overhealing.

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus - This isn't a big healing boost item, but it does provide some utility.  Generally I would stay away from it because I tend to favor raw numbers, and druids have amazing utility anyway.  The equip effect is made even sketchier considering you can't control it.  It also has the downside of the effect being only on yourself.  However, if you are like me and have a tendency to stand in the fire, this item may be the difference between life and death and could be very helpful.  Its secondary stats are pretty good though, so if you happen to get this, don't feel bad about it.  You're still lucky!

Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds - Also a utility legendary, with a small healing boost.  It will make our tier 3 talents and Ysera's Gift slightly more potent.  If you got this legendary, don't worry, it's also decently good.

Edraith, Bonds of Aglaya - This is more of a legendary for single target healing, which is not something druids generally tend to do much of unless you are a big fan of Mythic+ dungeons.  If you pop this on a tank (especially in combination with Cenarion Ward!), you can be assured the tank will be okay and move onto topping up other people, which would definitely be a plus.  Synergizes well with Prosperity.

The Dark Titan's Advice - Also more of a single-target healing legendary, though the extra healing can be unreliable.  For a Mythic+ or similar content where you will be concentrating most of your heals on a single target like the tank, this legendary would be amazing.  However, dungeons aren't something I do much of, and Lifebloom already has a tendency to overheal when it expires anyway.

X'oni's Caress - Also more for single-target.  This would be very good in a Mythic+ where the tank is taking high amounts of damage and you need a little more punch to keep him alive.  Ordinarily, Ironbark is purely a mitigation ability, but paired with this it increases the potency of your HoTs.  It synergizes well with Stonebark if you choose to take it.

Sephuz's Secret - This can situationally be decent, but I would not want to use it if given an alternative.  I don't like relying on random procs.  In Nighthold, we don't do a lot of dispelling or interrupting except on very few fights.  It may be better later on in another tier.

Essence of Infusion - It wounds good on paper and it can be great for group healing, but I wouldn't choose this item either.  Tranquility is plenty powerful on its own and the effect of this item would likely translate to pure overheal unless you had Velen's to offset it.  Nighthold bosses also have less cyclical high damage phases so the effect of this legendary would be wasted on most fights.  On a boss with a cyclical high damage ability it might be worthwhile.  Synergizes well with Inner Peace.

Our Artifact

Our artifact weapon is G'Hanir, which is pretty much a tree branch.  Why not right?  Some people make a big deal of scientifically mapping out which talents to take and when, but honestly, I just put them wherever.  Go for your gold traits first.  At this point, you will be gaining Artifact Power so fast you can fill up most of your traits in a couple days, so it's really not gonna matter which order you slot them in.  However, what IS important is making sure your artifact appearance matches your transmog.  As for relics, really just go for whichever one has the highest item level.  It doesn't have to be complicated!