Friday, May 26, 2017

Resto Druid Guide Part 1: Talents

We're finally getting around to updating the Resto Druid guide for Legion.  I just graduated from college and now have much more free time to play and write, not to mention the mental capacity has been freed up.  Today we are looking at talents.  Many talents are situational and will depend on the fight at hand.  They are also based on my personal preferences and playstyle, so what is best for me may not be best for you.

Level 15. Prosperity / Cenarion Ward / Abundance
Each of these talents have merits in different situations. Most people consider Cenarion Ward the default choice, and it is a strong talent, but I really hate having an extra button to push.  To remember to use it, I have a WeakAura that stays up and has a cooldown timer on it so when the spell is up, I will remember to press it.  I have it bound to a mouse button to make it even easier.  Prosperity is a good talent when paired with Soul of the Forest because it puts Swiftmend on a 27-second recharge time with two charges, so when paired with Wild Growth it will boost your healing.  Unfortunately, this combination got nerfed and now isn't as strong as it used to be.  Most people discount Abundance as a talent because you are unlikely to be casting Healing Touch all that much anyway, and it does not heal for very much compared to how much mana it costs.  However, if you take Moment of Clarity as your Level 100 talent, you will get 3 free Regrowths in a row when it procs, and because of the Power of the Archdruid talent on your artifact, you will sometimes get 3 free Rejuvenations, which make Abundance a bit less mana intensive to manage.  Even so, it is still inferior in terms of raw healing output compared to Cenarion Ward.  I think this talent tier depends more on your individual playstyle and the mechanics of the fight at hand.  You should play around to see what suits you best.

Level 30.  Renewal / Displacer Beast / Wild Charge
Displacer Beast is always what I have up.  Renewal could be useful if you're soloing, but why would you solo as resto anyway?  Displacer Beast is great for avoiding mechanics on fights and running back after a wipe (which of course was not your fault).  Wild Charge lets you swim faster but that's really... it.  I can't see it being very useful in any situation because you will generally want to stay AWAY from where people are taking damage, and if you need to go somewhere fast you can just pop Dash or Displacer Beast.

Level 45. Balance Affinity / Feral Affinity / Guardian Affinity
I always choose Balance Affinity because it extends the range of your spells by 5 yards, which can be helpful in a fight where everyone is fairly spread out.  Since the fights in Nighthold tend to be in more enclosed space, range doesn't tend to be an issue though.  Guardian Affinity can also be very good because of its flat passive damage reduction, which in progression can be very helpful.

Level 60. Mighty Bash / Mass Entanglement / Typhoon
Again, this will vary based on the particular fight.  I tend to choose Typhoon because sometimes things will get healing aggro and I can knock them back in time for the tank to get aggro on them, like the scorpion adds on Skorpyron or the adds on Tichondrius.  You won't generally be called upon to stun any enemies since you will always be at range and melee should be able to perform that job.  I really can't think of a current fight where Mass Entanglement would be useful.  It would be useful for slowing the droplets if you were going for the achievement on Immerseus, but that's about all I can think of.

Level 75. Soul of the Forest / Incarnation: Tree of Life / Cultivation
Incarnation can be good if there are heavy bursts of damage and you need an OH CRAP button similar to Tranquility.  Soul of the Forest provides a solid buff to your Wild Growths.  Cultivation adds a second HoT on the target if they dip below 60% health.  I don't ever choose Incarnation because the Inner Peace talent in the level 90 tier provides a CD reduction to Tranquility so Incarnation is not needed.  Cultivation can be useful ASSUMING your group is going sub 60% health often enough for it to be useful.  Generally, Cultivation is going to be your highest output talent.

Level 90. Spring Blossoms / Inner Peace / Germination
I usually pick either Spring Blossoms or Inner Peace.  Germination can be useful in smaller groups like dungeons where you have the time and mana to apply extra Rejuvenations to people.  On a fight like Tichondrius where you do not have to worry about mana and people are taking constant ticking damage, this can be a great talent, especially paired with other talents that will affect your Rejuvenations like Flourish.  Spring Blossoms will be good on fights where people are stacked and you can see the benefit.  Spring Blossoms is also useful because it will interact with your mastery and is affected by your artifact ability and Flourish.  Inner Peace tends to rely heavily on damage patterns that will line up with the 2 minute cooldown of Tranquility, otherwise it is a wasted talent.  You have to actually have the opportunity to use Tranquility enough times for it to be beneficial.  Obviously if you were healing a regular dungeon, you wouldn't go with this talent.

Level 100. Moment of Clarity / Stonebark / Flourish
I LIKE Moment of Clarity because it's simple and doesn't add an extra button I have to push, but most people would pick Flourish because it is better in terms of heal per second increase.  It also has a problem in that many times when the Omen of Clarity procs, everyone will already be at full health so it is basically wasted.  What is nice about Flourish is that you are able to control it.  My reason for not liking Flourish is that it adds an extra button that I have to push.  What makes it easier is binding the spell to a key and making a WeakAura to alert me when it's up so I remember to press the key again.  I will include all my aura strings in the UI section, coming soon.  Stonebark is weaker compared to Flourish in most situations, it it could still be superior in fights like Mythic+ dungeons where the damage on the tank will be very high and spiky.  In a raid environment where other healers have tank cooldowns available, Flourish is just better.  Additionally, if you pick Spring Blossoms, Cultivation, and Cenarion Ward, they will also be affected by Flourish, which when paired with the G'hanir ability is pretty insane.