Saturday, May 27, 2017

Resto Druid Guide Part 2: Stats, Enchants, Gems, and Consumables


Restoration druid has a few best consumables to perform at our maximum.  We will always want intellect, but our secondary stat consumable of choice will vary.  Most guides consider haste the most important stat because it lowers our global cooldown.  Because most of our important spells have no cast time, it is very essential to have a low global cooldown.  However, this also means that we are using mana at a faster rate.  I recommend subbing haste enchants/gems for mastery at lower gear levels, and if you are poor at managing mana.  Mastery will also be mroe useful if you are healing a smaller amount of players, such as in a Mythic+ dungeon.


The flask we need to be getting is Flask of the Whispered Pact.

Our food of choice will always be Lavish Suramar Feast if it is available.  If you choose to go for haste and the feast is not available, then your best option is Azshari Salad, followed by Suramar Surf and Turf (cheaper option), or Deep-Fried Mossgill (cheapest option).

If you choose to go for mastery, your best food option is Nightborne Delicacy Platter, followed by Barracuda Mrglgagh (cheaper option), or Pickled Stormray (cheapest option).

You also want to always have a Defiled Augment Rune active on your druid during at least progression fights.

You can use either Ancient Mana Potion or a Leytorrent Potion on fights where you know you'll have the opportunity to use it.  You can pop a Potion of Prolonged Power to get a head start by popping it 1 second before the fight starts, and you could use that as an opportunity to DPS before the damage starts to roll out.  You could even pop it again during the fight if you don't think you'll need to use a mana potion during the encounter.


You will always want one Saber's Eye of Intellect on your gear.

If you choose to go for haste, then you should use Quick Dawnlight, or Quick Azsunite (cheaper alternative).

If you choose to go for mastery, then you should use Masterful Shadowruby, or Masterful Queen's Opal (cheaper alternative).


The neck enchant you want is Mark of the Ancient Priestess.

For your cloak, you want Binding of Intellect, of Word of Intellect if you need something cheaper.

For your rings, if you are good at managing your mana and want to go for haste, I recommend either Binding of Haste, or Word of Haste (cheaper).  If you would rather go for mastery, you should use either Binding of Mastery, or Word of Mastery (cheaper).